Baloji to Perform Live in NYC at Joe's Pub (1/6) and SOB's (1/12)

Baloji is bringing his seamless blend of hip-hop and vintage Congolese sounds to NYC for two shows.

Baloji, joined by L'Orchestre de la Katura, is bringing his seamless blend of hip-hop and vintage Congolese sounds to NYC for two shows next month. Baloji will be doing the Independence Cha Cha at Joe's Pub on January 6th, and SOB's on January 12th sharing both stages with the Embassy Ensemble, and joined by Blitz the Ambassador and Les Nubians at SOB's.

If you haven't done so already, familiarize yourself with Baloji and his music here and be sure to check out Blitz and the Embassy Ensemble here.

Xplosive's version of pop music takes the musical and technical chops he earned while producing boom bap, trap, Afrobeats and other styles, squeezing the best out of those skills and making something that can appeal to the masses.

Interview: Xplosive DJ Calls Many Places Home With His Debut Release ‘Plan B’

After years of working with other artists, South African-based producer Xplosive DJ shares his sound in his new project 'Plan B'.

It is difficult to place the producer/sound engineer Xplosive DJ when he talks. His tempered drawl could be from any East African country. His slang is distinctly Joburg, but a typically hood phrase falls out of his mouth before a suburbanism when he speaks. His accent fuses English, Arabic and Nubian intonations.

Xplosive DJ's recently released five-track debut project, Plan B, was produced and recorded over four years and makes the producer behind it even more difficult to locate, geographically and musically.

Born Ahmed Khaled Dahab in the Congo, raised in Sudan and living in South Africa since 2007, Xplosive grew up in a home where all four compass points of African music were familiar. He was drawn to reggae, hip-hop and dancehall on street sound systems as he grew up to develop his own musical taste.

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