NYC: Voodoo Funk Party + Joneeba African Dance This Saturday

We know your calendar is hoppin this weekend with loads of CMJ shows, but allow us to throw two more hats into the ring:

Catch DJ Frank Gossner at the last Voodoo Funk Party in NYC before the show hits the road. This Saturday night at Zebulon (258 Wyhte Avenue just a few steps off of Metropolitan in Brooklyn) expect the toughest, the roughest and of course the rarest African funk 45s known and un-known to man alongside some sizzling hot highlife and all the heavy, Afrobeat you can handle.

If you're looking for a group workout/dance party, check out Get Your Dance On at YogaWorks (459 Broadway 2nd floor in Soho) this Saturday night. Be prepared to sweat while learning Joneeba, the African dance that celebrates life and health.