Ojayy Wright & Teni Bring the Energy With 'Fuji Pop'

Ojayy Wright & Teni Bring the Energy With 'Fuji Pop'

You know what's better than one Nigerian hit maker telling you to "shake what your mama gave ya"? Two of them.

The southern-hemisphere-summer envy does not stop! And Nigerian recording artists Ojayy Wright and Teni are certainly not helping with the music video they just dropped. "From Lagos to Soweto", the power duo is definitely getting some of us summer ready with these new visuals.

On the very palpable Fuji musical elements, Ojayy Wright says, "Although I grew up around Fuji music, I was never into it until recently when I found myself using a lot of Fuji elements and realised how much influence it has on me," he says, "So I decided to make something in that line."

It's almost delicious to hear and witness how Wright advances the vision of traditional African Fuji music, by taking the pure joy of Fuji, and mixing it into the tropical vibe he so clearly loves. After the heatwave that was his last album, 37 Degrees In Lagos, Wright welcomes the "boisterous relief of Fuji's loudness" and tongue-in-cheek lyrics to demand an audience, in this next phase of his career.

On his collaboration with Teni, Wright says, "After we had made the song, we thought it would be great to have an artist who isn't particularly known as a Fuji act, but is talented enough to deliver regardless of the genre. My team and I brainstormed, and Teni came to mind. She is an old time friend/school mate. We reached out to her, sent her the song and she sent her verse back within the week... and BOOM! That's how we got the ball rolling before we finally linked up to shoot the video with Lagos-based director Clarence Peters."

Teni and Ojayy Wright sync money, lust, and desires into the song without going off-kilter to bring an earnestness to the Fuji interpolations.

Check out the music video for "Fuji Pop" here.

Ojayy Wright & Teni - Fuji Pop (Official Video)