Perera Elsewhere 'Ebora' Ft. Aremu

Watch the Lagos-shot video for Perera Elsewhere's 'Ebora' ft. Yoruba vocalist Aremu (off the 'Everlast' LP via Friends of Friends).

Last January electro-doomstress Perera Elsewhere (aka Sasha Perera), in Lagos co-curating the Goethe Institut's 10 CITIES music exchange, joined forces with Yoruba vocalist Opadoja Oladayo Joseph 'Aremu'– a chills on top of chills collab which resulted in spooky standout off her solo debut Everlast. Aremu recently shot a visual accompaniment as nightmarish as its slow-sinking soundtrack. Watch the surrealist picture of an alternate Lagos in the video below and listen to Perera's full Everlast LP here (out now via Friends of Friends).