Photos: Live from the Continent

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This past Sunday it was live at Lincoln Center's Live From the Continent showcase of new African talent, presented by Society HAE and the Caribbean Cultural Center. South Africa's electro-DJ-producer-hipster-rapper Spoek Mathambo got people jumping, and then Blitz the Ambassador (hailing from Brooklyn by way of Ghana) came on and ruled the stage. Killed it. Chizzeck out these photos by Michael July.

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Senegal Denies Release of Former Chadian President Hissène Habré

The Senegalese judicial government has refused to release Chad's imprisoned ex-president Hissène Habré on the alleged basis of his health concerns.

The Senegalese judiciary has refused former Chad president Hissène Habré's request to be released from prison. Habré faces life imprisonment for crimes against humanity including rape, kidnapping, slavery and executions. The decision by the Senegalese judiciary comes after the 79-year-old former statesman's lawyers reportedly filed for his release on the basis of health concerns.

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Wild Cape Town Fire Mostly Contained

A 35-year-old man has reportedly been arrested on charges of arson. This, after firefighters had been battling to put out the Cape Town fire that caused extensive damage.