Photos: OKAYSUMMER! 2011 Party Blow Out Photo Re-Cap

We hate to rub it in, but if you missed our OKAYSUMMER! Pop-Up Party this past Saturday (8/20) you slept on possibly the funnest event of the summer (and yes, I mean FUNNEST!).  With a sizzling hot cast of music makers, including Just A Band (Kenya) - with their FIRST U.S. performance (!!), Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew (Sierra Leone), DJ Gravy (Rice N Peas, LargeUp), DJ MoMa, Sinkane - pictured above (Yeasayer), Little Shalimar (Chin Chin, Reverend Vince, Big Mono), Saarid (Throne of Blood, VHS or Beta), and Jaleel Bunton (TV on the Radio) - and dumpster diving pools, girls in swimsuits, boys in Speedos, badminton, ping pong, Sangria, photo booths, fire spinning, fashion shows, and plenty of debauchery - let's just say some of us (ahem...) are still hung over.  Two days later.  If you were there, relive the action with our stunning photo series, thanks to Lauren Silberman and The Self-Portrait Project, below - if you weren't able to make it, these flicks will take you there.  Big up to our fam-a-lam Okayplayer and LargeUp, and our co-party-throwers The Danger and 3rd Ward.

OKAYSUMMER! photos by Lauren Silberman


OKAYSUMMER! photos by The Self-Portrait Project


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Photo by ER Lombard/Gallo Images via Getty Images.

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