You Need to Hear Pongo's New Blend of Kuduro and Electronic Pop

You Need to Hear Pongo's New Blend of Kuduro and Electronic Pop

Watch the new music video for "Kuzola," Pongo's solemnly beautiful track.

Pongo continues her narrative following the popular prelude origin story presented in "Tambulaya."

Her latest single, "Kuzola," is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story told through music.

The Lisbon-based artist expands on the captivating tracks of her latest EP, Baia, with this music video, giving us a painful visual to the lyrics she soulfully sings.

A fresh break from her EDM, bass-bumping sound, Pongo delights us with a melodic pop, Langan, and Zairian infused emotional song that still contributes to her active cause of reviving Kuduro music.

According to her team:

"Pongo embodies the renewal of Kuduro, mixing her African, Langan & Zairian roots with EDM, bass music, dancehall & melodic pop. Her powerful, rhythmic, but equally fragile & sensitive voice draws us into her world, on the borders of dance & saudade, where no one has taken us before."

"Kuzola" is a broken love story told from the perspective of a woman abandoned by her unfaithful husband. Pongo's ability to encapsulate pain, naivety, and betrayal, and connect with the audience, all while sitting in one spot, is exceptional to say the least.

The music video is simple, yet contains amazing cinematography with rich, dimensional lighting, and overall production value that has both symbolic and alluring elements. The video was arranged directed and performed by Raphaël d'Hervez with Chip & Dale.

Watch the official music video for "Kuzola" below, and fall in love with Pongo's music. "Kuzola" is available on YouTube and Spotify. Pongo's EP is coming soon.