'Punk In Africa' At The New York Film Festival [10/3]

'Punk In Africa' At The New York Film Festival [10/3]

North American premier of Punk In Africa.

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We've waited a long time for the North American premier of Punk In Africa and it's finally here! This punk as f*ck documentary screens at the 50th annual New York Film Festival this Wednesday Oct. 3 @ 9:00PM at the Francesca Beale Theater at the Lincoln Center. For tickets and more info go here.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to cry during a punk film. As Curt Hopkins put it in our review of Punk In Africa:

Punk at its best has never been a “cool” movement and “Punk in Africa” is militantly uncool, in that it accurately reflects the passion, anger, frustration, love and pure energy of the musicians it covers. It’s a music of ferocious joy and the movie is the retinal afterimage and echo of that joy. First, it moved us. It was a battle to keep the tears out of our eyes long enough to keep watching a lot of the time, a battle we didn’t always win. Second, it’s punk as f*ck.

Listen to the Punk In Africa mixtape by DJ Zhaohere and hear our interview with the filmmakers here.