Nigerian Label Re Bahia's 'Minimal Dreams'

Take a look through Nigerian label Re Bahia's "Minimal Dreams" collection in our featured gallery.

A minimalist aesthetic dominated by simplicity and elegance makes Nigerian  label Re Bahia's, by designer Orire Omatsola, garments wearable while still enhancing the feminine silhouette. The label's 'Minimal Dreams' collection mainly makes use of plain colors filled with timeless design. True to her designs, Omatsola mentioned: "as a creative, I love to focus on the bare necessity. Call it a cliché but for me, less is honestly more. I believe in creating pieces that are clean, finely finished and most importantly non-fussy. I really wanted a simple palette for this collection. I had to train myself for the first time to be as cohesive as possible, focusing on only three colours, white, blue and pink." Well, we think that she provided a gorgeous collection for Spring/Summer 14. The timeless aspect is definitely a plus. Scroll through our gallery to view the collection above. If you want to talk about it, tweet @okayafrica with #rebahia.