Check Out RIMON's Beautifully Intoxicating Live Performance
Photo: Courtesy of Emerald East

Check Out RIMON's Beautifully Intoxicating Live Performance

The excitement around the songstress and her ever evolving sound, look and feel is very real in "Never Learned how To Cope + Feed Me."

Eritrea-born singer-songwriter RIMON has just released a live performance of her tracks "Never Learned How to Cope" and "Feed Me." The Amsterdam raised and London based songstress delivered a psychedelically beautiful performance live on her YouTube page in such a way that we questioned our sobriety.

The session, originally performed for Eurosonic, acts as a rebirth for the artist as her musical and visual journey continues to evolve before our eyes—while teasing new unreleased music to look forward to. It seems as though those around the singer agree, as she was then honored with a Music Moves Europe award.

In the first half of the live performance, RIMON, with the help of a live choir and band, performs the single off of her EP I Shine, U Shine, before seamlessly transitioning to new track, "Feed Me." The visual transition between the two songs is not only breathtaking but witness to the rising artist's creative, musical and visual shift.

RIMON's upcoming EP Digital Tears is out in the next few months, in the mean time check out her live performance of "Never Learned How to Cope + Feed Me" here.

RIMON | never learned how to cope + feed me (Live Session)