Rocky Marsiano Samples Rare Cape Verdean, Angolan & Mozambican Records On 'Meu Kamba Vol. Dois'

DJ, MC and producer D-Mars shares Meu Kamba Vol. Dois, under his beat project Rocky Marsiano, the follow-up to his 2014 album Meu Kamba.

Back in 2014, Lisbon-based MC, DJ and producer D-Mars dropped Meu Kamba under his newly created beat project Rocky Marsiano. The semba-infused album, which mixed obscure vinyl from Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique was one of our top 10 albums of the year.

Now, the beatmaker returns with a follow-up project, once again reworking string-filled Afro-Lusophone records into multilayered MPC tracks on Meu Kamba Vol. Dois.

The second installment shares many of the same eclectic elements as the first, but this time around, the musician took his mixing process a step further. "Meu Kamba was made very impulsively. If I felt a track worked, if there was a good balance to it, I didn't go much further with the production because I wanted it to sound raw,” says the artist. “On this new volume I did exactly the opposite: every single track was experimented on, its possibilities tested. So this time around there's a lot more production on every track: bass lines, retro synths, guitar licks, extra vocals, different drum patterns and textures.”

Listen to the album in its entirety below. Meu Kamba Vol. Dois is available now on iTunes/ Spotify/ Amazon and on vinyl via Bandcamp.