Video: Romare 'I Wanna Go (Turn Back)'

Video: Romare 'I Wanna Go (Turn Back)'

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Our boy anto sent over London beatsmith Romare, who set himself the grand mission of creating a new genre by investigating the relationship between various musical cultures through sampling. His Meditations On Afrocentrism EP is an entrancing collage of jazz & hip-hop samples and glimpses of spoken laid over a juke/footwork template. In Romare's own words:

Samples of songs, speeches, interviews, field recordings and films were carefully chosen and rearranged to explore the connection between African and African-American music. Rhythms from West Africa are integrated with voices from Harlem, conversations about race and identity between writers and ethnomusicologists are constructed, speeches from activists are conjoined with the voices of prisoners.

Watch the found-footage music video for "I Wanna Go (Turn Back)" above, hear more of Romare's tunes and buy Meditations On Afrocentrism EP from Boomkat.