Watch The Beautifully Dark Video For Seinabo Sey's 'Pistols At Dawn'

Swedish singer/songwriter Seinabo Sey shares the official music video for her song "Pistols At Dawn" off her 'Madeleine' EP.

"Surely we must be more than love on the run" croons Swedish/Gambian singer & songwriter Seinabo Sey in "Pistols At Dawn," the battle cry-like third single off her new Madeleine EP. In the song's stark yet alluring video, two red-garbed accomplices trek through a vast forest as a masked gunman chases after them, effectively bringing Sey's statement into thrilling, and ultimately shocking, life. Directed by Christian Larson, the video literalizes "Pistols At Dawn" while it elegantly retains the song's ambiguous and mysterious aura. The 6-track Madeleineout now on Universal, also features Sey's previous hits "Younger" (which Spoek Mathamboremixed) and "Hard Time." Watch the music video for "Pistols At Dawn" below.