Sipho The Gift 'Poundcake Freestyle'

Sipho The Gift 'Poundcake Freestyle'

Okayafrica premieres South African rapper Sipho The Gift's 'Poundcake Freestyle' of Drake and Jay Z's 'Nothing Was The Same' track.

Photo by Simnikiwe Buhlungu

Kimberley-born/Stellenbosch-based rapper/producer Sipho The Gift came across our radar by way of Kinshasa's Alec Lomami, who insists Sipho may "bars for bars" be one of the best out of South Africa these days. Alec's Charlotte-based cousin Well$ had similar love for Sipho (aka Gifted) in an interview with Okayafrica in May. Well$ also teased they'd done a few songs together while he was recording in Cape Town earlier this year. Sipho explained his Immaculate Taste (aka the label home of Lomami and Well$) connection to us. "I've worked with Well$ (of Immaculate Taste), I produced a few songs for him that his yet to be release and worked on a few of the songs on a chance encounter while he was in SA, but really wanted to hold my own, so i kept the features down to a minimum." One of the songs he he worked on with Well$, "Youth In Revolt," premiered today over at Complex. But there's even more reason today is a big day for the young and gifted rapper.

Sipho is currently in the process of wrapping up his debut mixtape, Coming Of Age, which he produced in its entirety. The project won't drop until early 2015, and though we're still waiting on a lead single off the tape, Sipho came through with official evidence of why we'll be watching for him next year. On his formal introduction "Poundcake Freestyle," Sipho spits over Drake and Jay Z's Nothing Was The Same track "Pound Cake," which itself samples Ellie Goulding. "The verses came about at the tail end of my recording process," Sipho told us. "The common thread through these verses is that I have great anticipation for my music as well as myself. Anticipations to do myself proud and be even greater than my greats." When we asked Sipho why he'd wanted to rap over "Pound Cake," he told us "The eerie instrumental provided a perfect palette for the picture I wanted to paint." Look out for Sipho The Gift's debut mixtape early next year. In the meantime listen to his "Poundcake Freestyle," which we're excited to premiere on Okayafrica today.