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South Africa Set to Resume International Film Productions Amidst New COVID-19 Regulations

South Africa's international television and industry production houses have announced that they are to resume film and television productions following the government's new international COVID-19 travel regulations.

According to Variety, South Africa is set to resume international television and film productions across the country. This comes after the South African government implemented new COVID-19 travel regulations. International travellers entering South Africa will need to provide proof of negative results from COVID-19 tests. International film and television productions were brought to a halt earlier in the year as the country entered into a national lockdown which lasted several months. The new travel regulations have been welcomed by South African production houses who have been hard hit by the pandemic.

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According to the Centre for Disease Control, international cast and crew will have to test three days before departure and carry proof of the tests upon entering South Africa. Most international production houses are in Cape Town, in the Western Cape. Moonlight Films, which has serviced over 100 international productions, said that resumption off productions is an opportunity to test, refine and adapt COVID-19 protocols. The production house reportedly offers services to international clients such as Warner Bros and current Netflix favourite, The Crown. Moonlight Films opened up production in October and is reportedly set to start full production in Febraury of next year. Film Afrika, which has provided production services on projects including the Amazon Studios and ITV drama The Widow starring Kate Beckinsale, is reportedly also looking forward to "a very busy first half of 2021".

South African television and film industry has been in the news because of the economic blow caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Government's lack of financial support for the entertainment industry was made apparent. Artists and industry members were understandably dissatisfied with government's COVID-19 relief fund dispensation. These new travel regulations are set to boost not only the film and television industry but also tourism. Domestic film and television productions commenced in May, roughly six weeks after South African President Cyril Ramaphosa enforced the initial lockdown.