Spoek Mathambo's 'Future Sound Of Mzansi' Mixtape

Spoek Mathambo hand-picked 70 minutes of electronica/beats/house bliss for his “Future Sound Of Mzansi Mix.”

Just when we thought Spoek Mathambo's April/May winning streak was coming to a close, he's come through with a new cherry on top of his already outstanding year. In conjunction with an upcoming trailer for Future Sound Of Mzansi — a forthcoming documentary film by Nthato Mokgata (aka Spoek) and filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba, who spent two years looking at South Africa’s “cultural landscape” through the lens of its electronic music scene — Spoek hand-picked 70 minutes of electronica/beats/house bliss for a “Future Sound Of Mzansi Mix.” The mix features the likes of OkmalumkoolkatJohn Wizards, Jumping Back Slash, Mash.O, MaramzaChristian Tiger School, BIG FKN GUN, Hlasko, Moonchild, Bateleur, Ol'tak, Wildebeats, Card On Spokes, and more. Listen on below and download the mix over here.

Future Sound Of Mzansi Mix (SA Electronic Music Mix)

Fantasma - Eye Of The Sun (Dj Mpula Remix)

Maramza - Sekwa Sithi_ft_Ruffest

Hlasko - Time



Okmalumkoolkat - Safe & Sound

ELPHNT - Bleep_Bloop

DJ Zinhle - My name Is ft Busiswa (Maramza Mix)

BIG FKN GUN - GQOMA ft. Manelis


Bateleur - Divorce (Christian Tiger School Remix)

Ol'tak - Manifest

Card On Spokes - Chocolate Covered Weekend

Cutting Gems - Tonight Baby

Maramza - Tearz

Wildebeats - Sexy Rich Girl

John Wizards - LEUK (OX++_Remix)

John Wizards - Hogsback

Pegasus Warning - The Mountain (Mujava, Spoko, Spoek Mathambo Remix)

Eltonnick Feat. Max Tutu - Benda

Madanon, Mreyza, ceeyaah 'n Pilado - Idimoni

Tribal Warriors - Lerato ft. Noe-Li (Prod. by Dj Spoko & Panyaza)


Oskido Ft. Candy - Tsa Mandebele

Mash.O - The Village

Bhar ft Dj Tira and Sir_Bubzin - Uyabhampa

MrAppleSawc - Clicks Ticks

Jumping Back Slash - Plateaux

Jumping Back Slash - Always Unfinished But Never Outgunned

Madanoni 'n oBen 10 - Opopayi (Ndakx n Xtralarge)


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It's 2000 something. I'm holed up in my bedroom searching for samples to chop up on Fruity Loops. While deep into the free-market jungle of Amazon's suggested music section, I stumble across a compilation of Ethiopian music with faded pictures of nine guys jamming in white suit jackets. I press play on the 30 second sample.

My mind races with the opportunities these breakbeats offered a budding beat maker. Catchy organs, swinging horns, funky guitar riffs, soulful melodies and grainy and pained vocalists swoon over love lost and gained. Sung in my mother tongue—Amharic—this was a far cry from the corny synthesizer music of the 1990s that my parents played on Saturday mornings. I could actually sample this shit.

The next day, I burn a CD and pop it into my dad's car. His eyes light up when the first notes ooze out of the speakers. “Where did you get this?" He asks puzzlingly. “The internet," I respond smiling.

In the 1970s my dad was one of thousands of high school students in Addis Ababa protesting the monarchy. The protests eventually created instability which lead to a coup d'état. The monarchy was overthrown and a Marxist styled military junta composed of low ranking officers called the Derg came to power. The new regime subsequently banned music they deemed to be counter revolutionary. When the Derg came into power, Amha Eshete, a pioneering record producer and founder of Ahma Records, fled to the US and the master recordings of his label's tracks somehow ended up in a warehouse in Greece.

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