Spoek Teams Up With The San People & DJ Spoko On 'Pula'

Spoek Teams Up With The San People & DJ Spoko On 'Pula'

Spoek Mathambo teamed up with the San People x DJ Spoko x Mash.O on 'Pula,' as a part of his participation in Vodacom's 'Firsts Initiative.'

We've been on the look-out for Spoek Mathambo's latest project since we caught wind last week that the afro-futurist heavyweight had a new "first" up his sleeves. Teaming up with Vodafone for their recently launched Firsts Initiative,' Spoek set out to collaborate with musicians in communities across SA using cloud mobile technology to upload and share the recordings with a studio team back in Joburg.

Chopped and unified into one song, Spoek's latest effort arrived today in the form of the eclectic, multi-lingual banger "Pula." The cross-generational collaboration, which features vocals from the San people of Platfontein,, Bheki Cele, and Thulasizwe, receives a production hand from drum enthusiast Mash.O and "bacardi house" mastermind DJ Spoko (who released one of our Top Tracks of 2013). Think of "Pula" as the birth of Kalahari-futurism. Listen on below and head over here for more photos from the "first time" Spoek recorded with San musicians in Platfontein.

Update 2/13:

Watch a full behind-the-scenes documentary below.