Is This Stevie Wonder Singing At A Restaurant For Ethiopian New Year?

A video seems to show Stevie Wonder jumping on the microphone at a restaurant in Los Angeles' Little Ethiopia for Ethiopian New Year.

As the Ethiopian New Year took place last weekend, videos of revelers worldwide have been popping up online. One particular clip which we came across seems to show none other than Stevie Wonder jumping on the microphone at a restaurant in Los Angeles' Little Ethiopia to jam with a masenqo player. An audience member who was present posted the video on Facebook, which was spotted by the website Goursha, with the description, "Stevie Wonder does an impromptu freestyle at an Ethiopian Resturant [sic] during an Ethiopian New Year Celebration with a traditional Ethiopian musician. Sept. 13th 2015 Los Angeles CA." Though unconfirmed, the singer in the video below certainly has a resemblance to Wonder, as well as the same moves we've come to know from the legend. Could it be him?

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Blackbird Books Publishes 'Exhale: Queer African Erotic Fiction'—a Must-Read

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South African publishing house Blackbird Books has, in collaboration with HOLAAfrica!, recently published Exhale: Queer African Erotic Fiction. The delightfully risqué anthology is a compilation of stories from queer African writers across the continent. Both fresh literary voices and established ones such as the notable Nakhane, give the project a delicious mixture which is sure to cater to everyone's literary needs.
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