Sudan's First Professional Actress Asia Abdel-Majid Killed By Crossfire
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Sudan's First Professional Actress Asia Abdel-Majid Killed By Crossfire

The ongoing conflict in North Africa has devastated the lives of hundreds, and now Sudanese society mourns one of their first stars.

As Sudan's civil unrest rages on, consistent reports of fatalities paint a grim picture of the North African nation's current state. One such instance sees the country mourn the loss of its first professional stage actress, Asia Abdel-Majid. The former theatrical performer and teacher was killed on Wednesday, in the crossfire currently ravaging Sudan's capital Khartoum. She was 81 years old.

The veteran actress died in her home in Bahri, a suburb north of the capital, after an onslaught of shells from either Sudan's army or their rival Rapid Support Forces (RSF), her nephew told CNN. Abdel-Majid gained fame for her theatre performances, namely her 1965 performance in the play Pamseeka. The production took place at the country's national theatre to mark the anniversary of Sudan's first revolution against a coup leader. A pioneer in her field, and Sudan's first professional stage actress, Abdel-Majid was the widow of Sudanese-Libyan poet Muhammad Al-Fayturi. Abdel-Majid was buried on the grounds of a kindergarten shortly after her death, as taking her to a local cemetery bore too many dangers—according to her family.

Since Mid-April, residents and citizens of Sudan have been caught in an unethical fight between two men hungry for power. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of Sudan's army, and RSF leader Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo failed to come to a mutual agreement after collaborating on the defeat of former President Omar al-Bashir. The breakdown in communication and contention in attempting to share power has resulted in the deaths of at least 528 people. Nations from around the world have been evacuating their citizens as Sudanese locals battle to survive in the fourth week of fighting. Cease-fires have been shortlived, and peace talks seem unlikely as each side attempts to dismantle the opposing side through force.