Interview: Meet Heezy Lee, the Masked Producer Behind Your Favorite French Rap Hits

We sat down with the masked sonic architect about his work with Niska, MHD, Booba, Aya Nakamura and many more.

Beninese producer Heezy Lee has helped create some of France's biggest musical hits by working with a laundry list of the country's biggest names from Aya Nakamura, Niska, Booba, Damso, Siboy and beyond. The masked 28-year-old is one of the country's most notable sonic architects whose work can't be missed on airwaves and in nightclubs all over the country.

Heezy Lee is known for toplines—the melody or hook of a song. He refers to it as, "Le yaourt que tu commences avant de faire un son, le brouillon de mélodie, le skelet." ("The yogurt from which you start, the draft melody, the skeleton.") His musical abilities, however, are as diverse as the musical genres he draws inspiration from.

Talking with Heezy Lee, it becomes evident that music is innate. He got his start raping, songwriting, and creating beats in his youth in Le Mans, a city in northwestern France on the Sarthe River. Presently, his labor of love is paying off.

This interview has been translated and edited for length & clarity.

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