Photo still courtesy of Kemiyondo Coutinho.

'Kyenvu' Is the Short Film Challenging Uganda’s Controversial Mini-Skirt Bill

A conversation with "Kyenvu" actor and director Kemiyondo Coutinho on the importance of truthful storytelling.

In 2014, the Ugandan parliament passed the "Anti-Pornography" law where they blamed pornography for the sexual crimes committed against women and children. In one of its introductory clauses, the law prohibited women from dressing indecently‚ and thus it went on to be widely labeled by the media as the "mini-skirt bill."

The controversial legislation later emboldened men who began engaging in mob undressing and sexual harassment of women thought to be dressed in a revealing manner.

Kemiyondo Coutinho is a Ugandan-born 'artpreneur' who believes that her superpower has always been storytelling. Kyenvu, a Luganda word for yellow, marks her debut as a film director. Not only did she write, produce and direct the film, Coutinho is in front of the camera playing the lead role as well.

Kyenvu is an incredibly sufficient short film that follows a playful, authentic female character whose life is forever altered because of her choice of dress.

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