Vibrant Ghanaian Patterns & Classic NY style: 'Venus Over Water'

Lucia Eastman, founder and CEO of fashion label Venus Over Water, tells us about her unique blend of New York Style and Ghanaian patterns.

Emerging label Venus Over Water combines Ghanaian patterns and fabrics with ready-to-wear ultra-feminine pieces.  The prints are pretty unique and stand out really well. We worked with Venus Over Water for our Style Guide"Prints, Patterns... and Prints!" editorial and we can tell you how the result of this first collection is stunning and embellishes a woman's silhouette. Founded by Lucia Eastman and Kayvon Firouzi, Venus Over Water will provide you with what we could call the "cute dress"— when you need the piece to work for you. There's no need to add many layers, Eastman knows how to pick the best prints and make the best of it. Inspired by energetic New York City design and colorful Ghanaian patterns, Eastman delivers beautiful, unpretentious clothes for the one-of-a-kind stylish, active woman. We chatted with Lucia Eastman about her fashion vision and collection.

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