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Tega Starr & Mr Eazi Send Their Love With the New Visuals For 'French Kiss'

The Nigerian star and rising artist join forces in this lockdown-inspired love anthem.

Nigeria's Tega Starr is back on our screens and in our hearts with new visuals for his hit single, "French Kiss."

In collaboration with #emPawa 100 creator Mr Eazi and South African production powerhouse Master KG, "French Kiss" is Starr's first track since joining the collective, and we are more than excited to hear what he has coming next. Production credits also go to Nigeria's Magic Sticks.

A story of resilience and believing in your gifts, Starr's journey to his first single was not exactly smooth, "It all started two years ago," he remembers, "I was trying to get on the emPawa platform but wasn't chosen. I kept on working hard before I finally made it. Mr Eazi and I released a song called 'French Kiss' which is making a lot of waves in the UK and across Africa."

The single, set to stay as a reminder of COVID-19 related lockdowns and the strain it put on many romantic ventures, came out of frustrations over the same reasons. "'French Kiss' was inspired by a girl I met online before the COVID-19 lockdown. We started talking, it got interesting and I wanted to meet her but because of the lockdown, it wasn't possible."

He goes on to say, "I felt down and frustrated when Mr Eazi sent me the beat from Master KG, this was the only thing on my mind, so I got writing on how I was feeling and it felt like going against all odds to see her despite the lockdown. That is why the lyric contains ''if na Egypt you dey I go dey where you dey'' meaning, I want to be wherever she is no matter what. I sent the song back to Mr Eazi. He loved it and blessed me with the best verse in the world. 'French Kiss' is dedicated to everyone who could not see their loved ones during the lockdown."

And Mr Eazi seems to be as into Tega Starr as the newcomer is him, "Tega is super talented," said Mr Eazi, "and [he's] developing really fast! When I heard the record I was so in love with it, I jumped on it instantly! I'm super excited to be a part of his journey."

With the single having amassed over 600,000 streams across multiple music platforms and 8 million on Triller, we trust that Tega Starr is here to stay.

Watch Tega Starr and Mr Eazi's new music video for single "French Kiss" here.

Tega Starr & Mr Eazi - French Kiss (Official Video) #emPawa30 Artist

News Brief
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Sudan Declares State of Emergency, As Military Dissolves Transitional Government

As the North African country edged closer to democracy, Sudan's military has seized power.

Sudan's military has seized power over the North African country, arresting multiple civilian leaders, including the current Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok. The power-sharing, unstable coalition, called the Sovereign Council, was created as a transitional government after the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019, in an attempt to move towards a democratic Sudan.

The Sudanese public has been split in recent weeks as groups protested for a military-run state, while others pushed for a civilian lead, democratic nation. Last week, the Prime Minister vocalized his plans towards a full transition to civilian rule, and his plans to have that body in place by November 17, echoing the voices of thousands of Sudanese demonstrators who showed up in hoards to demand that the promise of Sudan's pro-democracy movement be honored. But on Monday the PM and multiple government ministers and officials were placed under arrest, resulting in Sudan's top general's declaring State of Emergency.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan said in a televised statement, "To rectify the revolution's course, we have decided to declare a state of emergency nationwide… dissolve the transitional sovereign council, and dissolve the cabinet." His statement came as soldiers fired live rounds at anti-military protestors, outside of the army headquarters in the capital.

Internet services were cut across the country around dawn and the main roads and bridges into Khartoum shut, before soldiers stormed the headquarters of Sudan's state broadcaster in the capital's twin city of Omdurman, the ministry said. After months of rising tensions in the country, army and paramilitary troops have been deployed across the capital city, Khartoum, with the airports and internet access being shut down. As a result of the coup, hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets, demanding the return of a civilian ruled and the transitional government, the BBC reports.

Demonstrators have spread to a number of Sudanese cities including Atbara, Wad Madani, and Port Sudan, and more are expected to attend the call for action. "We will not leave the streets until the civilian government is back and the transition is back," protest attendee Sawsan Bashir told AFP. While demonstrator Haitham Mohamed says, "We are ready to give our lives for the democratic transition in Sudan."

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