Th&o. Shares Short Film 'Ebusuku', A Story of Solitude and Nocturnal Encounters

Th&o. Shares Short Film 'Ebusuku', A Story of Solitude and Nocturnal Encounters

South African 'Afrotronic musician' Th&o. has released a dazzling short film for his critically acclaimed and SAMA-nominated debut album 'Ebusuku'.

South African singer and producer Th&o. has shown why he is one of the stand-out neo-soul acts for 2021. Th&o., pronounced Thando, recently shared a cinematic capturing of three tracks from his well-received debut album Ebsuku. The album, which dropped in the middle of 2020, was nominated under the Best Alternative Album category at this year's SAMAs (South African Music Awards). The Ebsuku short film is a beautiful and broody cinematic escape that brings life to his much-loved tracks "Prosecco", "Body Like A Gun" and "Ghosting".

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Ebusuku, which means, "at night" in isiZulu, is a rendering of Th&o.'s own journey of nocturnal encounters that straddle between the darkness of inner longing for love and the tenuous need for solitude. Tinted with reds and blues, the short film evokes the reverie felt on solitary nights out on a long drive to nowhere where Th&o. encounters a strange little bar and the journey unravels into a magical night spent with a mysterious woman. The film has an 80s feel reminiscent of American series like Knight Rider and Shaft. Japanese-inspired aesthetics populate the bar scenes which add to the suspense of the story. Th&o. shared his inspiration behind the visuals and selection of songs with:

"The album and short film were inspired by how I processed certain situations and emotions during the revolving relationship I've had with the night. Strangely, this all came as a result of being nocturnal for over 10 years. The film was also inspired by a lot of the Japanese films I was into at the time; they were mostly about the Yakuza or Samurais. I have always been a fan of those genres."

Th&o, known for being a member of the hip-hop crew BETR Gang, is a sound engineer and self-produced the 12-trackEbusuku. His fresh sound is influenced by a range of artists including South African artists Brenda Fassie and Letta Mbulu, Nigerian Afrobeat founder Fela Kuti to Jamiroquai and Pharrel's band N.E.R.D. Ebusuku is undeniably a well-bodied album with Moya Omubi" being selected for the 2021 blockbuster Coming 2 America soundtrack, Rhythms of Zamunda.Th&o. has even caught the ears of South African music critics and Ebusuku has deservedly been nominated for the "Best Alternative Album" for the 2021 SAMAs.

Watch the cinematic Ebusuku below.

Th&o. - Ebusuku (The Short Film)

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