Tinariwen's Rorschach Video For 'Chaghaybou'

Tinariwen drop a desert blues rorschach test video for 'Chaghaybou.'

Earlier in 2014 veteran desert blues rockers Tinariwen released their seventh studio album. Recorded far from home in Joshua Tree, California, Emmaar is arguably one of the band's "most comprehensive, contemplative and layered offerings yet." Accompanying the release, Tinariwen has already dropped ultra-psychedelic visuals for album standouts "Toumast Tincha" and "Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim." To celebrate surpassing a momentous 100k on facebook, they've unveiled a third video for the galloping "Chaghaybou," whose cinematic visuals play like a desert blues rorschach test set to flickering mountains and musicians. Watch Tinariwen's "Chaghaybou" video below.