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South African hip-hop producers Tru Hitz and Co Kayn release 'The Wave' their new joint EP.

Tru Hitz and Co Kayn Drop Joint EP ‘The Wave’

South African hip-hop producers Tru Hitz and Co Kayn release new Joint EP 'The Wave' featuring Yanga Chief, Stogie T, Maglera Doe Boy, Indigo Stella, YoungstaCPT, Big Star Johnson and many more.

Tru Hitz and Co Kayn's contribution to South African hip-hop is notable. From producing most of Stogie T's projects and hits to crafting gems for the likes of Jay Claude, Stilo Magolide, Aubrey Qwana, Lucille Slade, KiD X and DJ Kaymoworld among many others, the producers have diverse styles.

In their new joint EP The Wave, Tru Hitz and Co Kayn assemble a large selection of their collaborators, and artists they are working with for the first time, for a fun and light-hearted listen.

The Wave, as the title hints, is defined by modern sensibilities such as melodic raps over 808-laden beats — and, of course a bit of nostalgia! One song that will catch listeners' attention is "My Way", in which Jay Claude, Big Star Johnson and Lucille Slade spit bars over an airy 90s' R&B-inspired beat. The Nate Dogg interpolation by Jay Claude is fitting, and so is the reference to Dr. Dre's "Still Dre" in the production. The song just sounds like summer.

Bars come from the likes of Espiquet, Maglera Doe Boy, Yanga Chief, YoungstaCPT and Stogie T among a few others. The latter's verse stands out on the song "Squad", a posse track featuring contributions from Saadiq Ali M, YoungstaCPT and Stilo Magolide.

The Wave manages to flatten all its multiple layers into a cohesive project heralded by two important producers on the South African hip-hop scene.

Stream The Wave by Tru Hitz and Co Kayn on Apple Music and Spotify.


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