tUnE-yArDs' High-Energy 'Water Fountain' Gets Remixed By DJ Marfox & Pearls Negras

tUnE-yArDs release "Water Fountain (DJ Marfox Remix ft. Pearls Negras)," their first remix off their latest album, 'Nikki Nack.'

tUnE-yArDs, Pearls Negras, and DJ Marfox each deliver exhilaratingly energetic music, so it's not too surprising (and no less compelling) that the three acts have come together in the rework of "Water Fountain." In this first remix off tUnE-yArDs' latest album Nikki Nack, Lisbon-based producer Marfox creates a maze of sound as he melds the frenetic vocals of Garbus and Brazilian teenage rappers Pearls Negras with rapid electronic beats and zips. With its fuzzy bassline and Garbus's soaring yell, the original "Water Fountain" seemed engagingly frantic itself but, by adding Pearls Negras' no-nonsense delivery and his own kuduro-inflected effects, DJ Marfox amps up the song a few notches. Check out the remix below, which comes in support of tUnE-yArDs' recently launched The Water Fountain initiative, a fund for water-related causes through album sales, US ticket earnings, licensing deals and more.


Interview: Adekunle Gold Channels Refreshing Truths Into Afropop

Adekunle Gold achieves an artistic freedom that most mainstream artists don't have through a smooth balance of introspection and club bangers.

A few years ago, Adekunle Gold broke out into the scene with a refreshing way of carrying himself, presenting his art and speaking his truth with music. His debut single "Sade" started this journey of chart topping releases, sold out shows, and the constantly evolving sound that graces African airwaves. Gold's self assurance made him stand out from the very beginning, as his sound was delivered with intent, compassion, and stuffed with personal truths.

Not many artists are willing to try new things with their music, and in order to maintain mainstream success, some cling to one sound, one image and direction often crafted from fragments of their first hit. These artists get stuck trying to recreate a capsule in time, while true artists are open to the dynamic of change, and the necessity of renewal.

Adekunle Gold is one of a handful in his profession who draws on a spectrum of experiences to make honest music which is consistent with the self-revelations of a growing man. This has become his biggest strength, allowing him to craft contemplative songs like "Sade" and "Oreke" and still create afropop magic like "Something Different"

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