The Ugandan Government Is Launching Its Own Social Media Networks

The Ugandan Government Is Launching Its Own Social Media Networks

The Ugandan government claims that the move to local platforms will make internet cheaper, but not everyone is convinced.

The Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) has announced its plans to launch its very own, state-run social media networks in the vein of Facebook and Twitter, reports IT News Africa IT News Africa.

The UCC's Executive Director, Godfrey Mutabazi, claims that the move will make internet access and hosting less expensive, "Instead of Ugandans, for example, visiting Twitter, they will have something local that they will be able to use," says Mutabazi. "The moment you access the Internet, you first go to America and come back when you are surfing. But if we had our own content here, it will be cheaper."

Alright, then.


Mutabazi has said that the local government and communications agencies operating in the country will be urged to promote these social media platforms.

The UCC has also expressed that they feel the creation of local platforms will also help keep hate speech out of the country.

However, not everyone is convinced. Some see this move as an act of censorship by the government, intended to tighten control over free expression and are questioning how exactly these sate-run social media sites will help make internet cheaper in Uganda or curb hate speech as the government claims it will.

The UCC plans to launch the sites later on in the year, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.