Vans x Della's Ghanaian Sneaker Collaboration

A brightly-printed Ghanaian sneaker collaboration between Vans and LA brand Della.

Vans recently teamed up with 'socially-responsible' LA brand Dellato create a unique capsule collection of brightly-printed sneakers using West African batik. Focused on empowering workers in Ghana, Della's founder and CEO Tina Tangalakis believes in responsibility, not charity. Every dollar made through her company and collaborations "helps provide jobs, skills training, weekly literacy classes, money management workshops, social security, and healthcare benefits." You'll recognize Vans' iconic silhouette plastered with popping prints and some cute matching accessorizes. The collection retails at $60-$70 and each pair is a one of a kind  piece. Scroll through our gallery to see the different color options and tweet @okayafrica with #vansanddella to tell us your favorite pair of sneakers. Shop Vans x Della.