Video: Blitz the Ambassador feat. Corneille "Best I Can"

Video: Blitz the Ambassador feat. Corneille "Best I Can"

Yesterday Blitz the Ambassadordropped his brand new album, Native Sun, which we've been talking about for a minute over here at OKA. To compliment the full album stream, Blitz has just offered up this new video for "Best I Can" featuring Corneille, a soul singer from Rwanda with a sticky-sweet voice.

As Eddie "STATS" said over on Okayplayer - "Based on this and the Baloji joints, I don’t care if you are from Yonkers–from now on ALL rappers should shoot their videos in Africa. It makes sense though, cause this song seems like kind of a mission statement for the ambitious goals Blitz set for himself with Native Sun–doing the whole damn diaspora proud–and it does not disappoint. Musically speaking, it sounds like he heard all these “Sabali”-based tracks that Theophilus, Damian & Nas and everybody have been jumping on and said, Maaaaan, I don’t need to sample no Afropop. I am Afropop! Now where is this dude Corneille‘s number, na…"

Check below for info on two Blitz shows, one TONIGHT in NYC @ S.O.B.s and the next Thursday night in D.C. @ Club Liv

Get tix to see Blitz live at S.O.B.s on Wednesday, May 4th - just CLICK HERE.  For tix to the D.C. show @ Club Liv, CLICK HERE.