Video: DJ/Rupture's 'Beyond Digital' Project In Morocco

Video: DJ/Rupture's 'Beyond Digital' Project In Morocco

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DJ/Rupture, Maga Bo, photographer John Francis Peters, and artist Taliesin Gilkes-Bowera have embarked on Beyond Digital: Morocco a "collaborative residency of different media artists exploring the personal, social and political context of contemporary Moroccan music." The Beyond Digital title reflects the fact that, to those living outside of Morocco, much of the audio culture produced within the country is outside of reach.

In this clip, we get an overview of the crew's work in Casablanca and the music they dug up. It includes singer Adil El Miloudi's thoughts on auto-tune, the documentation of a single Moroccan family's story, and a collaboration with local Berber group Imanaren. Watch above and head to Beyond Digital for more information on this amazing project.