Video: Eyezon "Lord Hold Me"

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Homelessness. One of the biggest, and most underrated problems that exists in every country, regardless of economic status. Eyezon, born in Soweto, South Africa, and now residing in Cali, creates a mini documentary on homelessness in San Fransisco. Here, the video for Eyezon's song "Lord Hold Me" explores the problem of homelessness, using mini documentary footage of life on the streets in San Fran, along with revealing startling facts and figures about the scale of this issue.   Eyezon also has recently dropped a new mixtape Yele 'Ele (The Feeling), in which he talks about everything from love, moving from Soweto to BK, to paying tribute to the late great Dilla. Check out his track with Femi Kuti below.

"SORRY SORRY (Femi Kuti Remix)" by Eyezon