Video: Just A Band "Away"

Video: Just A Band "Away"

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Just A Band recently participated in BLNRB-NRBLN, a Goethe Institut project that flew Berlin artists down to Nairobi to collaborate with local musicians. For their part, Just A Band teamed up with German electronic producers Gebrüder TeichmannJahcoozi and Kenyan singer/guitarist Michel Ongaro for this stellar, reverb-layered track. If the colossal bass doesn't grab you (wait for it), the Just A Band-directed "tale of obsession" video clip will. 18 tracks from this Berlin-Nairobi crossover project are now available as BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse LP via German in-the-know label Outhere. Watch Just A Band's "Away" video above and a Welcome To The Madhouse preview clip below.

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