Video: T-Roy ft. Wunmi "BoBo"

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Ghana born, London dwelling producer T-Roy is prepping Bush Meat, a project that fuses the foggy city's electronic prowess with African percussion and vocals. The album's lead single, "BoBo," features Afrotech songstress Wunmi delivering a combination of Yoruba hooks and pidgin rhymes. Peep the track's video clip above, shot on the streets of Accra.

Bush Meat boasts a laundry list of appearances by the likes of KUKU, Aero Manyelo, Wanlov the Kubolor, Voice, Heidi Vogel, and Bumi Thomas. But the best part about the project might be T-Roy's story behind its title:

I was in Ghana visiting family, and my uncle was driving in his 4x4 like an insane taxi driver. I was working on my portable drum programming box when he suddenly hit something and stopped the car. When he returned he had a big smile on his face and small animal in his hand boasting about cooking 'Bush Meat' when we get home. I instantly had my title. (ARISE)

T-Roy's Bush Meat will be available soon via Broadcite Productions.

Courtesy of Apple Music.

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