Video: "Why Can't We" + Asa's 'Beautiful Imperfection' Out Today

Video: "Why Can't We" + Asa's 'Beautiful Imperfection' Out Today

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French-Nigerian songstress Asa's sophomore release, Beautiful Imperfection, is out today in the U.S. via Naïve Records. The album showcases a shift in the singer's aesthetic from her politically-themed debut to the celebratory 60's soul of the new LP.

While Beautiful Imperfection finds Asa experimenting with a myriad of Northern influences, the singer retains her Nigerian roots singing three of the album's twelve tracks in Yoruba. At its best moments, the new LP plays like a unique blend of Asa's dual upbringing — a large dose of Western pop with traces of Naija influences.

Check out the balloon-filled technicolor clip for Beautiful Imperfection's latest single "Why Can't We" above.