Watch Stogie T and Nasty C’s Music Video For ‘Dunno’

Watch Stogie T and Nasty C’s Music Video For ‘Dunno’

Stogie Tand Nasty C deal with a hater accordingly in new epic visuals for 'Dunno'.

In the music video for Stogie T and Nasty C's collaborative single "Dunno", the two rappers pull up on a hater who dissed their song on Twitter. But instead of hitting him as it looks like they would, they subject him to the song he tweets is trash.

The visual, dark and gory, is shot in low light and makes use of visual effects and fitting production design and location. The work of AMR Singh and Lazarusman, the video plays out like a short action film (some film references to pick up for the film connoisseurs) and it fits the song's mood. On "Dunno", Stogie T and Nasty C each spit a verse that builds upon the minimal hook "You dunno nothing about me." Their raps are drenched in bravado and get sarcastic ("Heard a lot of people don't like me, I'm so worried OMG") at times.

But if there's a line that encompasses the video, it's Stogie T's, "Internet thug low keyboard hashtag war but you Microsoft."

In an interview with The Pristine Queen on The Element SA, Nasty C shared the song's backstory. For Nasty C, the beat, which is produced by Nasty C's acquaintance Nani Chehore, pointed towards Stogie T.

"It's such a OG-type beat. Even though it's like a poppy beat that could exist in a club and stuff like that, it's not your regular skrrt skrrt-type beat. I thought he would say something on it," said Nasty C.

"Dunno" was released in 2020 as part of a two-pack release for Stogie T which also included "Animals", a song that features Benny The Butcher and Alonda Rich.

Watch the music video for "Dunno" below and stream the song on Apple Music and Spotify.