Okayplayer Store x William Onyeabor

William Onyeabor gear from Luaka Bop is now available in the Okayplayer store, including 'Who Is William Onyeabor' vinyl and CDs, t-shirts, and posters.

The funkiest thing to come along in years has touched down in the Okayplayer store. That's right, we've teamed up with Luaka Bop to GEAR UP for the worldwide celebration of Nigeria's electro-funk originator/most interesting man in the world— William Onyeabor Week! Don yourself in smooth and good stylings as the Nigerian mysteryman's name braces to become the talk of households and dancefloors alike. A five year undertaking, 30 years after its original release in Nigeria— the immaculate Who Is William LP from our Luaka Bop friends is now available for purchase in the OKPShop. Buy a T-shirt + a CD or LP and you also get a complimentary William Onyeabor package that includes a campaign button, specially designed newspaper and balloon.


Photo: Nick Beeba

Interview: Sango's ‘Da Rocinha 4’ Is a Polished & Grinding Take On Baile Funk

We speak with the Seattle-based DJ and producer about his new album and the music bridges connecting Brazil, the US and the world.

It's a common joke in Brazil: once three or more Brazilian people gather together, they will start a WhatsApp group. The producer and DJ Kai Wright, who goes by the alias Sango, is well aware of that. While he is giving this interview through a Zoom call, a sound notification pops from his computer. "Do you hear that?" he says, amidst laughs. "It's WhatsApp, this album was made through WhatsApp groups."

Once and for all, Sango is not Brazilian. "I am an ambassador for that sound, but I am a Black American," he says. "That sound" is baile funk, the most prominent Brazilian electronic and popular music of the past decades. Born in Michigan and based in Seattle, Sango became a beacon for a new strain of baile funk around 2012, when he released the album Da Rocinha—a suite that he revisits in his new release, Da Rocinha 4.

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