Back to Africa: Win A Trip to Sierra Leone!

Back to Africa: Win A Trip to Sierra Leone!

Ever wanted to play Survivor without being voted off? You can now enter here to win a trip to be among the first members of TRIBEWANTED: Sierra Leone. (Or you can just make reservations.)

In October 2010, a new group of visitors will arrive on Sierra Leone’s John Obey Beach, 20 miles south of the capital, Freetown, and begin to build a new life alongside the local fishing community. TRIBEWANTED: Sierra Leone will create an eco village community over the coming years to support sustainable development in the area.

Tribe members will have the opportunity of joining in with the development of the new village alongside the local team and community. The project will be pioneering a new building technique called ‘Superadobe” developed at Cal Earth , a technique that uses only local earth and material.

All profits generated from Tribewanted Sierra Leone will be re-invested in the local John Obey community, in education and microfinance. For more info, see the TRIBEWANTED website.