Wizkid Fans offer ‘Creative Truths’ for #Wizkiddiditfirst
Wizkid at Gidi Fest 2018. Photo: Tej/Gidi Culture Festival.

Wizkid Fans offer ‘Creative Truths’ for #Wizkiddiditfirst

Read some of the best and the worst tweets from the hashtag

It's not surprising that on the day of Davido's concert Wizkid is trending on Twitter.

I shamelessly participate in fan cultures. I am a member of Ammara Brown's hive and as an Ammartian I often take creative liberties when I debate people about her music. I also sometimes enjoy watching other celebrity hives be on their best and worst behaviour on Twitter. It's fascinating to see where people's limits are when it comes to declarations about their favorite musician and today was no different. With renewed energy from the holidays, Wizkid fans and other Twitter participants have been using the hashtag #Wizkiddiditfirst to highlight the Afrobeat star's accomplishments and to also offer a variety of random statements about the singer.

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There were a lot of the expected points made about Wizkid setting records or outselling other African artists for his concerts, but at some point the "facts" got more interesting as people started trolling the trend or just adding a little twist to the truth. Reading through the tweets, I wasn't sure what was true and what was false, and to be honest it was more entertaining that way. Was Wizkid really the first black artiste to play at an Indian royal wedding as @Owonikoko said. Was he the first Nigerian artiste to have "his song played in a heavy weight fight in Las Vegas" as @LagosAboriginal wrote? Does that even matter?

My favorite tweet was a picture of Wizkid spraying water, "Wizkid the first artist to form love sharp @zhakariya wrote.

Of course, not all the tweets were from the hive and not all of them were playful or positive. There were people trolling the fans, and as expected someone had to to mention Wizkid's children. Other's also brought up Wizkid's missed Coachella performance.

But perhaps the truest tweet of them all was this, "Wizkid trend effortlessly."