People Express Their Love For West Africa's Most Famous Dish on #WorldJollofRiceDay

People Express Their Love For West Africa's Most Famous Dish on #WorldJollofRiceDay

On #WorldJollofDay people are celebrating the beauty of the classic West African dish.

There's arguably no food more deserving of its own day than our beloved jollof rice, and today, August 22, is that day.

On World Jollof Rice Day, folks around the world, who've been touched by the flavorful wonder that is the cherished West African dish, are celebrating its existence in a number of ways.

Some are heading to mom and dad's kitchen for a jam-packed plate of jollof with a side of chicken and plantain, others are at  their favorite restaurants—perhaps enjoying it with some beef stew—and others are simply sharing their love and appreciation for the dish through expressive social media statuses.

Also, somewhere in the world, at this very moment, there's a jollof war going down between a  Nigerian and Ghanaian over which country's rice is superior. A Senegalese person is watching the whole thing and rightfully rolling their eyes.

No matter what background you like your jollof rice to possess, there's one thing we can all agree on: jollof rice is life. And though, it's often the center of heated national debates, it's also a unifying culutral staple that brings us together under its mouthwatering goodness. Yes, jolly rice is that big of a deal.

As you sit and reflect on all that jollof rice has done for you, read some of what people on social media are saying about the classic meal on #WorldJollofRiceDay.