Wurld on set of his 'Love Nobody' music video
Image courtesy of the artist.

WurlD's New Music Video 'Love Nobody' Offers a Cinematic Escape During Lockdown

OkayAfrica spoke with the Nigerian artist about his new action-packed music video, creating during lockdown, and his signature blue hair.

Nigerian singer and songwriter WurlD pulls out all the stops in his latest music video "Love Nobody." It's his first of the year and he returns with a bang, delivering an action-packed romance story inspired by a fight scene from the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

The music video, directed by WurlD and Parker McMillan, is dramatic in all the right ways—from its smooth opening fight scene, in which a femme-fatale love interest singlehandedly wards off the "bad guys" to save the artist, to the coordinated escape scene that follows. The video, which was shot in LA, but takes place in a "fictional city," also takes cues from films like The Matrix and Japanese anime.

The song itself is about the intense type of love shown in the music video. "Love Nobody" shines light on commitment between two people who share intense intimacy with one another despite temptations in a promiscuous world," says the artist.

While for some artists, the current global pandemic might not be the ideal conditions for releasing music, WurlD says it's pushed him to be more innovative about his approach. He's not slowing down. Just yesterday he released the track "Gbemiro," with Bankulliand he has a new EP, Afrosoul, on the way too.

Watch "Love Nobody" below and keep reading for some behind the scenes footage and a quick catch-up with the artist.

WurlD - Love Nobody (Official Video)

The music video for "Love Nobody" is very action-packed and cinematic, and it brought out your acting skills. What was the experience like shooting it?

I was blessed to have professionals in the movie industry on set from the lead actress to the the stunt men. It was another day to learn something new for me. I hope to do more acting in the near future.

How did the concept for the video come about ?

I had an idea of a "Female saving the WurlD" in my head while watching the James Bond "Casino Royal" movie. Everything else came to life as soon as I shared the concept with my team and director.

How has the current pandemic affected the rollout of the song and music video?

It has affected it in a positive way because we are approaching the rollout with new and innovative ways to reach our audience.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Image courtesy of the artist.

How has it impacted you creatively? Are you perhaps more excited to create during these times or have you found it more challenging?

I realized during this time that I've spent most of the last 5 to 7 years in studio isolation. This feels normal and I'm more focused than ever.

You had a pretty dedicated fan base online already, but have you seen any changes in engagement now that everything is virtual?

Absolutely, virtual engagement is everything at the moment and I'm blessed to have a growing following daily.

If you don't mind sharing. What's the secret to maintaining your rich blue hair color (it literally never looks faded)?

This is an expensive question [laughs]! How much are you offering for this info?