Documentary: 'Zamrock Survivors' w/ Emmanuel Jagari of WITCH & Rikki Ililonga

This documentary tells the tale of Jagari Chanda and Rikki Ililonga the only two remaining musicians from Zambia music's 70s Zamrock scene.

Faces of Africa: Zamrock Survivors follows the tale of Zamrock, a derivative of Western psychedelic rock re-innovated by Zambian youth in the early 1970s. Emmanuel Jagari Chanda and Rikki Ililonga — members of two of Zamrock’s founding and most prominent bands, WITCH and Musi-O-Tunya — tell of their musical roots and journeys starting the Zamrock scene. From riots to the radio, this documentary delves into the inception of the unique sound and sheds light on its importance to Zambia, and to the continent as a whole.