Our friends at Italian-based blog Palm Wine are curating Open Arti — a series of talks on the mutation of art and music as a result of technological development. The overlaying thesis of the workshop being that “the idea of ​​’scene’ is no longer inextricably linked to a city or a piece of urban space.” In its first week, Open Arti hosted global bass producer/DJ Chief Boima and uptown NY underground dance princess Venus X for an extended talk on the shifting genre identities and that whole Diplo blow-up. Watch their interview above and stream two snippets of their DJ sets below.

(H/T Palm Wine)


  • http://www.nenaword.wordpress.com Diane

    you know as great as this is, i would really like to see a diasporic movement of these djs collab- for example they are in Milan a space that has many african and latino immigrants (esp. west african) who are fusing in with european culture- so i know there has to be some sort of dope cultural production- an afro-italitan, or latin-italian product. Its interesting that they both kind of avoided talking about their american interpretation of these sounds that they work with. I dont see anything wrong with acknowledging that…