First Look: Damilare Sonoiki’s ‘African Time’ Is Back—Watch the First Episode Here

Watch the premiere of the pilot episode of ‘African Time,’ exclusively at OkayAfrica followed by a Q&A with the show’s creator.

DIASPORAAfrican Time, formerly known as African Booty Scratcher, is here—and the pilot episode is premiering here, exclusively at OkayAfrica.

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Damilare Sonoiki Speaks On The Story Behind His Viral Trailer 'African Booty Scratcher'

Okayafrica catches up with the creator and writer of the comedy sitcom, "African Booty Scratcher."

We caught up with Damilare Sonoiki—the creator and writer behind the now anticipated show, African Booty Scratcher. In just over a week, the trailer about the quintessential African immigrant family garnered over 3 million views on Facebook and over 100,000 views on YouTube.

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'African Booty Scratcher' Is A Hilarious New Sitcom About The Immigrant Experience In America

Check out the trailer for Damilare Sonoiki's new comedy series featuring internet sensation, Dulo.

Photo still courtesy of African Booty Scratcher.

This new comedy series takes an insult that many first and second-generation African children dread and turns it into a show that will have your stomach hurting in laughter.

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