11 of the Best Tweets from Trending Hashtag #HowAfricanParentsSayILoveYou

11 of the Best Tweets from Trending Hashtag #HowAfricanParentsSayILoveYou

"We are only beating you just because we love you."

Being raised by African parents boils down to R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That means being brought up the old-fashion way where the rod isn't spared, the parentals rarely if ever admit when they're wrong, and well, grandparents are the only ones who can put them in their place. But then you realize after you've grown up that their sternness and harping on discipline made all the difference in who you are and how you turned out.

Twitter reminisced about growing up the African way Sunday, which also happened to be Father's Day with #HowAfricanParentsSayILoveYou.

Check out eleven of the best responses: