A Massive Tornado Hit South Africa and Here's What People Are Saying About It

Vaal Marina in Gauteng was hit by a tornado Monday morning, leaving 50 people injured.

A massive tornado ripped through the Vaal Marina in Gauteng, South Africa on Monday evening, injuring at least 50 people and leaving more than 250 homed destroyed, reports News 24.

The destructive tornado has left many families without shelter, according to Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi, around300 families have reported damage to their homes.

"The municipality is assisting displaced residents with temporary shelter, and will begin assessing the extent of the damage and the estimated cost of rebuilding," said the mayor in response to the need for assistance in the area.

The news of a tornado hitting South Africa might come as a shock to some, as tornadoes aren't widely known to occur in the country. However, tornados have occurred regularly in the Gauteng area in the past.