A-Reece Releases His Second Song of 2020 ‘Selfish [EXP 2]’

Listen to A-Reece's new song 'Selfish [EXP 2].'

A-Reece has released another song via SoundCloud. "Selfish" is a minimalist song with its beat consisting mostly of gnarled guitar strings and a pulsating bongo drum.

The rapper speaks to a woman in his life who's giving him a bit of a tough time. It makes sense why he's on the phone on the song's artwork.

An excerpt from "Selfish [EXP 2]":

"Since when is it okay to make these other girls a topic?/ I chose you but you treat me like I'm weighing out my options/ I'm about to go touring, I can't be on the phone every time you try to call me/ You too spoiled, how could you ever doubt I'm coming back home to you?/ I'm doing this for you…"

"Selfish [EXP 2]" is the second song from the popular Pretoria lyricist in 2020. Last week, he released a song titled "In Hi$ Image [EXP 1]." Just as fans have gotten used when it comes to A-Reece, the rollout is both mysterious and cryptic. At this point, no one knows what the "EXP" means or whether these songs are part of the same project. Or why they are being released exclusively on SoundCloud. That he's releasing a project is also a speculation from a tweet Reece dropped after not tweeting and releasing music for a whole eight months and some change.

It's interesting watching it all play out, though, and you'll be the first to know when the mystery has been resolved.

Stream "Selfish [EXP 2]" below and revisit "In Hi$ Image [EXP 1]" here.


Image courtesy of Jay Trigga.

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