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Interview: Nasty C on The Importance of Sharing His Story

In light of his latest podcast series, we speak to Nasty C about the importance of sharing his story: "I think it's always good to document something if it takes a lot to do it."

Nasty C's latest project is a podcast series in which the emcee sits down with different personalities—Slikour, DJ Whoo Kid, Black Coffee, Size Dhlomo, Rowlene, Black Coffee—for engaging discussions about the game. The podcast is hosted by rapper and TV presenter Moozlie.

"So, the podcast is an inside scoop for people to see what it's like to be an artist on these times and this day and age," says Nasty C. "What it takes, the stuff you go through, the lessons, the curve balls on how to manage certain situations, the best knowledge to have coming in. You know what I mean? That type of stuff."
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