Audio: AFRIKO-THEQUE 'The Bootleg' [EP]

Audio: AFRIKO-THEQUE 'The Bootleg' [EP]

Classic traditional African samples are reworked for the modern electronic dance music mindset in AFRIKO-THEQUE's 'The Bootleg' EP

AFRIKO-THEQUE boasts a collection of tracks that flip and rework classic & traditional samples from across the continent within a modern electronic (generally house-leaning) framework. For The Bootleg EP, selectors Shabaaz Foster (NYC), Jamnights (Chile) and The Super Ninja Pizza DJs (NYC) cycle through "hand-selected hidden treasures from artists all the way from Nigeria to Mali to Zaire." Stream clips below and download AFRIKO-THEQUE The Bootleg EP for free.

[H/T GenerationBass]