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Amanda Black returns with new 2021 single "Kutheni Na".

Amanda Black's New, Introspective Single 'Kutheni Na' Is Here

Amanda Black re-emerges with her latest single 'Kutheni Na', a bittersweet song that features rapper Kwesta's distinct rhymes.

Multi-award winning South African singer Amanda Black has returned with her latest single "Kutheni Na", featuring rapper Kwesta. The single comes ahead of her upcoming album Mnyama, and is written from a deep dark place as Amanda Black reflects on the harsh realities of Black lives in South Africa — everything from the history to the global pandemic, which has affected the mental wellbeing of many. Amanda Black and Kwesta deliver a song that confronts darkness head on in an effort to dig out hope.

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The powerful singer's vocals hauntingly question the different ways in which we experience and process pain. The repetitive "Kutheni Na" chorus is relatable considering the current sombre state of affairs. "Kutheni Na", isiXhosa for "What's wrong?", invites the listener to investigate that which is amiss and unfair. Kwesta resonates this with a verse about growing up in poverty and hustling his way to the top of the hip-hop game. His verse also serves as an homage to South African rapper HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) who ended his life in 2018 after battling with depression for many years.

Amanda Black shares that the search for peace and stillness resonates strongly in the song:

"It's been a tough time for everyone around the world, we have seen a lot of suffering and yet we are still hopeful. We want better days, we have questions and our people do not have answers. We seek healing from the incredulous losses we have experienced during this time and I hope people can find it through my story in Mnyama"

"Kutheni Na" is produced by Christer Kobedi and Vaughan Fourie. The song is one beautiful stroke from Amanda Black's upcoming album, set to paint the sonic picture of power, vulnerability and surrender. The song follows her hit singles "Amazulu", "Thandwa Ndim", "Ndizele Wena" and "Vuka". Not one to shy away from the painful and real, Amanda Black's albums have always delved deep into societal issues as well as the subject of becoming a strong Black woman evidenced in her chart-topping 2019 sophomore album Power and groundbreaking 2016 debut album Amazulu.

Mnyama will be released in early August 2021.

Listen to "Kutheni Na" on Spotify.

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